Thursday, 20 July 2017

My Travel Makeup Bag

I'm back!! 

I have returned home after almost 3 months of travelling around Europe. I had the BEST time away but it is nice to be back home.Of course I wanted to jump straight back into blogging because I have so many ideas for my blog and having some time away 100% gave me so much more inspiration and motivation. There will be lots of posts coming your way all about my travels but if you do have any specific requests of what you'd like to see...just let me know! 

Today I wanted to start off with something that I think a lot of you will like, and that's letting you know about what's in my travel makeup bag. This was a post that I had planned to do before I went away but I'm kind of glad that I didn't get it done. I thought that now that I had already been away, I can give you my review of the products fully! Did I regret taking anything? Did the products travel well? How long did they last in the heat? Want to know all these answers, then keep reading!

1. Base

I didn't really want to take a foundation with me as I know they can feel quite heavy on my skin in the sun and it probably would be far too light for me after a few weeks anyway. So, I decided to buy the Simple Kind To Skin Perfecting BB Beauty Balm. This was something I'd always seen online and in the shops, so I thought that I would test it out. I really love this product! It is just one universal shade, so I do think this could be an issue if you don't really tan. But this seemed to be the perfect shade for me all throughout my travels and I have still been using it since I got back. It feels really light on the skin and blends so so well. I think what I liked most about this product is that it could be used to create a really glowy look or you can make it matte too, best of both worlds! I decided to bring a powder with me, as I have quite oily skin. Oily skin and lot's of heat...not a great combination. I decided to take the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder. This is a product that I always trust and I tend to use on an everyday basis. I didn't use a lot of this but it really helped to keep my skin to look nice and glowy rather than a greasy mess.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

An Underrated Brand- W7!

Today I decided to talk to you about one specific brand that I'm loving at the minute and I also feel like they don't get enough recognition! I love seeing these types of posts because I can discover new makeup products or discover a new brand! The brand is W7...I'm sure you may have heard of them before but I definitely don't feel like I see them enough on social media.

This is a brand that I have used for quite a long time now and I first discovered it when I was looking for a more affordable brand to use on an everyday basis. I soon realised how big the brand was and how many amazing products they have out there! If you've never really looked into them before, I think you will be surprised at what they have on offer.

Let me start by telling you a little bit more about the brand. W7 was created in 2002 with the aim that every young women should have access to an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price...I personally love this aim! I also really love their tagline...'Who will you be today?'. I think that sums up makeup so well for me as you can always create a different look and also create a new sense of confidence too. W7 has grown massively over the years and the brand now sells over 500 products...amazing! To top everything off, non of them are tested on animals. HALLELUJAH!

I'm going to be showing you some of the products that I own from W7! The first one is the Genius Feather Light Foundation and I love this! I was looking for a really light and silky foundation and this is the perfect solution. I love the bottle that it comes in and it also has a little dropper too which is really easy to use. The coverage of this foundation is buildable but you can't really feel it on your face, it's so light! It blends in so well and is just an all round affordable foundation!

The next product is probably my favourite W7 product and also one of my favourite products ever!  This is the Yummy Eyes Baked Eye Shadow in the shade Burnt Copper. This is such an amazing shade and it works so well with everything! The product is so pigmented and I'm obsessed with the colour. It's very pretty and shimmery and I think so many of you would love this. I usually just put this all over the eye and blend it out and that's it! It's so effortless but looks amazing! The packaging also  has a little mirror inside just gets better and better! 

The next two products are the Eye Got The Power Eyeshadow Base Primer and Kabrow Brow Thickener. The primer feels really soft and light and is the perfect base for your eye shadow. I love the size of the packaging and also the colour! Such an affordable products for everyday use! The Brow Thickener is the perfect colour for my brows and the product isn't too intense which I love. I hate when these types of products just make your brows look really fake and over the top, but this one still allows them to look like your brows!

Next we have the It's Brown Really Brown Mascara. This is something that I have never used before as I normally just go with black mascara. I was given this product along with some other W7 goodies when I attended the Nina Nesbit Gig with W7! I thought that I would give this products a go one day and I loved it! If you want to create a really natural eye look then this is perfect. It creates such a softer appearance and adds something different to what I would usually do. The products gives me full lashes and the wand is really big which I personally love! 

I also own two eyeshadow palettes from W7 that are incredible! The first one is the 10 Out Of 10 Palette and also the In The Buff Natural Nudes Palette. The first palette consists of 10 nude shades and is perfect for everyday use. You can create so many looks with this palette and all the shades are great for a natural and soft look. My favourite shade in this palette is the Gold shimmery shade for sure! The second palette defiantly reminds me of a dupe for the Naked palettes. The 12 shades inside are so pigmented and I would use every shade in there! My favourite shades are Camel and Dust! They create such a pretty eye look! Palettes like this just show that you don't always have to spend a lot to get great quality palettes.

Last but not least is three amazing liquid lipsticks. We have Oddball, Chippie and Two Bob. These lipsticks are pigmented, comfortable to wear and so affordable! I love wearing these on an everyday basis as they are beautiful colours and so light. My personal favourite is Two Bob because I just think that this is the perfect nude for everyone! If you're looking for a new liquid lipstick to try out then I would 100% recommend checking out W7!!

That's all the products that I own from W7! There are so many products that I want to try from W7 but I will have to wait until I get back from travelling as I'm trying to save...but I could go crazy on buying things! The prices are so reasonable and such amazing quality! If you have never tried any of the products before, then give them a go! You will defiantly find products that you love. I'm so keen to get some more of the Baked Eye Shadows and some more of their lip products. They always seem to be bringing something new out so it's always very tempting! I have wanted to create this type of blog post for a while now all dedicated to one brand. If you did enjoy this then please let me know as I can create so many more! 

I will be back again very soon...

Kellie xx


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Never Heard of Blogosphere Magazine...Where Have You Been?

Today's post is a little different as I'm going to be talking about one specific magazine. After posting all about the blogging community last week, I decided it was the perfect time to discuss all about Blogosphere.

Blogosphere is a magazine written by bloggers, for bloggers. It's basically a magazine which has everything current about the blogging world. From events, to designs, to fashion and more! It launched in 2013 so it's still quite a new magazine's doing very well! The founder of Blogosphere wanted to create a magazine where bloggers could all join together to discuss blogging. "For really, who better to tell you what's going on within the blogging world than bloggers themselves?".

There has been some amazing cover stars on the front of Blogosphere magazine and seeing a very familiar face on the front of one particular cover, was what got me started! After seeing that In The Frow was going to be on the cover of a magazine, I knew I has to purchase it to show my support! After doing this, I fell in love with Blogosphere. I can't believe that I had never heard of this magazine before, but I was so happy that I knew now!

The magazine is filled with so much information about everything you need to know! I really love the quality of the magazine and I just love that they have put so much effort into the design...defiantly reflecting bloggers for sure! The images inside are so amazing, they have some which are done by photographers and lots of bloggers images too. I love that they give so many small bloggers a chance to show off their stuff and allow their voices to be heard. That is for sure one of my favourite things about the magazine. It's so lovely flicking through the magazine and seeing some familiar pictures that you've seen from someone's blog, everyone deserves a chance, no matter how many page views or followers they have!

Every single thing in the magazine has been picked carefully to make sure it fits the blogging world. All the adverts inside are specific, every interview, each design's all done to link with bloggers and I bloody love it! There are so many topics inside to cover everyone's needs, no matter what type of blogger you are! If you can't find something in Blogosphere that doesn't interest you, then you must be super picky!

Recently, there has also been another very familiar face on the cover, who we all know and love! Zoella appeared on the front not that long ago and I just loved it. The shoot was so different to anything she'd done before and the images were incredible! Blogosphere really had done such an amazing job with this interview and I loved how they put their own twist on it. You can defiantly tell that the images, the writing and the design of this interview was done by bloggers! They understand so much more and make it real. It's so refreshing and I bet that's why so many famous bloggers will agree to working with them as they know what they're doing and know how to do it right!

To round it all up, if you're a blogger or are interested in the blogging world, you need to get yourself a copy of Blogosphere. I'm now hooked and I know so many of my readers would love it too. You don't have to purchase every copy if you don't want, you could just pick and choose! Or they do have some subscription packages too! I just felt like this needed it's very own post as it's nothing like I've seen before. It's such a high quality magazine and I can just see how much hard work goes into it. I absolutely love seeing the new images every time, the photographers are geniuses! This magazine will get you feeling inspired and creative and it's a magazine definitely worth getting!

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post! I will be back again very soon...

Kellie xx

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